Sanjer / Habima Theater                                                         musical direction: The Jerusalem Sindrom / Haifa Theater
 Closer / Habima Theater                                                         musical direction: Mami (Rock Opera) / Tsavta Theater
 Bracha / Beer Sheva Theater                                                 musical direction:Mami (Rock Opera) / Habima Theater
 The Last Stripteese / Tsavta Theater
 Schneider & Schuster / Basel Theater (Swiss)
 The Concert / Beit Lesin Theater
 Revieue Lanoar / The Cildren theater
 Nice Tony / The Han Theater
 Killer Joe / The Han Theater
 Blue Remembered Hills / The Han Theater
 Sky / The Han Theater
 Some Voices / The Han Theater
The rise & fall of little voice / Beit Lesin Theater
Headlines News / Beit Lesin Theater
Brighton Beach Memoires / Haifa Theater
Little Malcolm and his struggle against the eunuchs / The Han Theater
God / Herzliya Theater
Glengarry Glen Ross / The Han Theater
Perfect Days / Beer Sheba Theater
The Last Summer / Beer Sheba Theater
Crocodiles / Herzliya Theater
Marriage Play / Herzliya Theater

Night Play / Tsavta Theater
Crime / The Han Theater

Moon of Alabama / Herzliya Theater

Cruel and Tender / Habima Theater

Kol Nidrei / Herzliya Theater

Victims of Duty / Hazira Theater

Love and Anger / Herzliya Theater

The Last Hour of Kol / Theatroneto Festival
Ish Haruach Hazona ve Haleitzan / Karov Theater

What to do whith Jenie / Habima Theater

Zeevim / cameri Theater

Haacherim / Cameri Theater

Habgida   / Habima Theater