Shefi Yishai lives in Israel.

Shefi's first Solo Album "Love and Hate" was released in 1992. The album is a collection of poems ,written by the best Israeli poets, sang by Shefi.

This album music was written by Shefi Yishai ,but there were many friends who helped in the creation of this album. * Among them :

Yehudit Tamir who was the art director of the project and took part in singing in some of the songs.

Tal Tamir who sang in some of the songs.

Jean Jaque Goldberg and Gil Smetana who played the drums and the Bass on some of the songs.

Nir Zidkiyahoo and Tal Hertzberg who played the drums and the Bass on some other songs.

Dudi Levi who played the Guitar on most of the album songs.

Yossi Perez who played acoustic guitar in one song.

Boaz Berman who played percussion on some of the songs.

Yael Shachar who played the viola onn one song.

* complete credits can be found Here

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Before his Solo album Shefi released an album named "Under the Closet" to poems for children written by the nominated poet Anda Amir Pinkerfeld.

"Under the Closet" artists are: Shefi Yishai , Yehudit Tamir, Moti Dichne and Yaakov banai.

"Red Flowers" is a SoloAlbum of Yehudit Tamir in which Shefi appart of the musical arengements wrote some of the songs.

On stage Shefi played the Acordion and Keyboards with various artists among them Yehuda Poliker and Ehud Banai.

* A selection of Shefi's music for theater works can be found in the " Theater Music" link.

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These days Shefi writes music for theater and working on a new solo album of Yehudit Tamir and a new solo album of himself.